September 6, 2009

Oh, Hey Ron Artest!

While enjoying my eggs benedict and admiring the abundance of Cali babes at Toast this morning, I noticed a small crowd congregating outside the restaurant. A tall black man seemed to be the center of the commotion, so I naturally assumed that it was either Denzel or Kobe.

I excused myself from the meal to investigate and, much to my dismay, discovered that it was only Ron Artest.

In all fairness, Mr. Artest seemed quite relaxed and comfortable interacting with the bystanders. When one man brought him a beverage, he showed incredible restraint by politely declining the offer. Oh, how he's matured!

If you look closely, Artest appears to be wearing a wedding band. This might explain him completely - yet so nonchalantly - denying the attempt by a thirsty groupie, as seen in this photo:

Just look at that all-pro defense! Rejected!

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