September 9, 2009

NFL Preview: A Permcast of Epic Proportions

By now, if you've listened to any one of the three previous permcasts, you've come to expect a level of non sequitur digressions. For a moment, imagine that level represented as a pig in space. Now, with that fantastic imagination God Tim Tebow gave you, multiply the pig's size by 100 and detonate it, disemboweling its innards all over your face. That would be an accurate representation of how fucking amazing this Permcast is. Oh, and Will "The Thrill" "Catch-22" "Insert Nickname Here" Harris is our guest. He's a full-time rapper, part time student and moonlights as a cowboy. The man's got his priorities in order.

Yeah, only the hardest of hardasses get a permcast appearance
Permcast content includes:
-The National Football League
-Will Harris rap ft. LeGarrett Blount
-Rosie O'Donnell's ability to reverse the polarization of the Earth with her massive periods
-Late night phone call to A.J. Daulerio

If that doesn't convince you, I legitimately got a hard-on just re-listening to this. It's downright titillating.

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