October 21, 2009

Herm Edwards on Peyton Manning Jeff Fisher

If you didn't hear the story already, we'll grant you some insight on what occurred yesterday at a luncheon in Nashville. All was well in the auditorium as Jeff Fisher took the podium to introduce Tony Dungy (most likely with sandwich bread crumbs forested in his stache). Normally Jeff Fisher just stands their menacingly, but today was different as he had some special plans for the audience.

Oh, Jeff you little rascal you. Always have to be the ham of the crowd. I'm sure Tony Dungy was just glad you didn't choose the Mike Alstott jersey. It brings back bad memories, just ask Peter King. It sure was a knee slapper, and Herman had a few words of his own for the class clown. Let's dissect them.

They begin the interview in the Standing Video Board Area Room. I assume that's the technical name for that stage. But before Herm gets a word out, Josh Elliott takes control of the situation and babbles on about the short film of Fisher and the removal of his shirt. All the while, Herman just sits there and smiles, almost as if he has pulled this ploy himself in the locker room before.

Finally after Josh Elliot's crap, Herm gets his talk time. Does Herm like it? No. HE LOVES IT, and you know what? He loves Jeff Fisher. And you know what, gosh darnit? Jeff Fisher is a winner (0-6?). Herm doesn't stop at that either. He begins talking about personality and how this situation just displays Jeff Fisher's personality. All good points.

Then he dives into the football aspect of Jeff Fisher's apparel choice.

As you look at that as a football player, you realize, 'GUESS WHAT! MY COACH IS OK'

It's almost like Herm was painting a picture of the Titans locker room right now. I can just see it. Chris Johnson taking a shower with a plastic sack over his dreads belting out lyrics like: GUESS WHAT...MY COACH. IS OKAAAAAYYYYY! HE'S NOT PANICKIN AND WE'RE 0-6, YOU'RE AWESOME! COACH FISHER, DA DA  DA.

Herm does continue to pound the point home like he did the running game in his years in KC (both unsuccessful). He does finally recover some semblance of a legitimate argument as he veers off into a rant on Jeff Fisher's job security and how Jeff could care less. Good point, 'cause if he pulls this stunt a couple more times he could be taking Jon Gruden's job.

Then, near the end of the conversation, Herm begins increasing the volume of his voice. Still talking about job security in the NFL, and how you shouldn't worry about it, he breaks nearly 800 decibels as Josh Elliot tries to control the situation.

Clearly this whole "job security" thing got to Herm, and he lost his temper a little bit. This maybe caused thanks to the vicious jeering of Chiefs fans last year, or maybe just the PTSD of being fired by a bald man. None of us will probably know, but in today's situation Herman came away with only one Perm on the Perm-O-Meter. Sometimes life gets you down Herm, but look at the bright side, you have us. (winks and high fives)

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