October 23, 2009

The Mejia Saga Continues: the Participant's Perspective

Mejia, displeased with our decision to not remove the post, has responded again with a more detailed retelling of his adventures in Florida. Away we go:

[sic] I know you went to highschool with me and played football. It really sadens me that you would write something like this about me. I have never said or done anything to you ever. Im really a nice person when you get to know me and i dont judge anyone. As far as the "porno" id like you to post the  "REAL" story for me out of good nature becuase this has ruined alot of things for me and im really tempted to sue you and i do nt think you want that. First off i was led to beleive this was a  modeling job in Miami that was fully paid for. I was told I was modeling for some dance club. When I got there I was told otherwise and pressured to doing the job. I took the modeling job becuse this summer had been a rough summer for me. My brothers roomate was shot and killed and My moms boyfriend was treating me like crap.and my mom losing her job due to the recession. I havent had a strong relationship with my father either so i didnt have much support. I was dealing with alot at the time and wanted to help pay for my school with some extra money. before i was qualified i had to get tested for stds aids hiv and such at a locl clinic in Overland Park. after i was free of anything i made the trip down to miami. When i woke up the next morning in miami i though i was going to have the best day in south beach. It turned out I had to do a porn shoot for RealityKings wich is a major porn site with oer 30 sites.I did not want to participate with my football career. At this time though i was not currenttly on the team at Kstate i had been kicked off preveioulsy due to bad grades.  being young with not much support and guidance i felt pressured into doing it thinkning no one would find this out. The two girls involved with me were very nervous as well and even crying before it took place. one of the girls is dancer calendar girl for the jacksonville jaguars and student at a college in florida. It was all our first time and all were in it because of struggles with our familys not having enough income. this was not a homeaid video. It took place at a studio in miami with a setup of a real college dorm. So no one wins 10,000 dollars its all a scam we were simple paid to do the one that ppl saw leading all the veiwers to belive that. It really hurts me that someone with no knowledge of what actually happend would write somthing like this about me to ruin my name. I have great morals and am one of the nicest people you will meet when you get to know me. I would never put anyone down for somthing like this and i found it really immature as well as heartless to right this about someone. All Im asking is that you please take your blog off of the hermsperm site and wrie a blog with the real truth but atleast take it down for my sake. Im willing to pay you or whatever it takes man. This is my life and i dont think you want to ruin it. Im trying to get my grades up this semester so i can play again in the spring this has nothing to do with a porno. Football has been my life and ive trained all my life for it. I know you write blogs and hav dream of becoming a journalist someday but please choose good things to write about. there enough hatred and juding in this word as it is so i encourage you to do the right thing for yourself as well as for me because i dont think you want to ruin anyones life and dreams. I only wish you the and everyone the best. I hope you will do the right thing. Please let me know you received and read this. Thank you and god bless.

I can understand the issues that go on with a guy working his way through college. I to have been trying my way at making money and getting an education. I still have never been tempted to do a porno ever, and I have never had the inclination to even search for such empolyment. That being said, I am also not a college athlete-student, and have never had time in the spot light, so I might not have an ego that carries me in the direction of Ron Jeremy.

But that's not the most pressing case of this email. I know what you're thinking: is the blond chick on Chase's side of the eiffel tower a Jags cheerleader? Could she be the possible missing link to the Jacksonville blackouts? I have no clue but it's apparently a one in three shot. Normal logic concludes that hot=cheerleader, so with normal logic it is logical. (SO MUCH INTELLECTUAL INFORMATION)

You can make your own conclusions (on how much more MILDLY HOT this story could be getting).


  1. I've known Chase for about 5 years and played with him in high school. He is truly a good guy when you get to know him and just made a mistake. You don't know what he's been through and its cowardly to post these blogs. Get a life.

  2. Chase Mejia sounds like your typical arrogant Johnson County star HS football player. His attempt to write a plea is atrocious. I can't believe how many words are misspelled and how unprofessional his letter is.

    "im really tempted to sue you and i do nt think you want that." Who would represent you Chase? Jackie Chiles from Seinfeld?

    WAR The Jim Rome Radio Show and Herm's Perm. Keep up the ambitious blog work fellas.

  3. take this in another direction. Apparently "modeling" jobs are posted on Craig's list etc for shoots in Miami. Apparently this site is shooting all their videos much to the young man's claim.

  4. My apologies for just getting to this site... I am curious why you would need a STD type test for a photo shoot type modeling job? But to be 19 or so and unworldly from a weak family and broke, but also a football star with a some ego issues... it is very possible he didn't/couldn't pick up on it. Regardless, I hope this doesn't ruin his career as something. JSA

  5. Whether or not he is a douche, I feel badly for the kid.

  6. Why do you assume he has a large ego? Why does one of the commenters above assume he's arrogant, and another that he has some ego issues? Because he's a football player? Because he was broke and did a porn video? So what he did a porn video? Why are you judging? And why are you unsympathetic to his pretty heartfelt plea? What do you think your role is as a writer? Do you have some responsibilities to your subjects? Honestly, his letter comes across as pretty sincere, and your response as callous and judgemental. This kid did something he's not happy about because he was apparently broke. You're doing something you shouldn't be happy, but which you haven't really stopped and thought about, about because you just want a story. You seem happy to share this kid's real name on the internet while writing under a pseudonym. What's your actual name?