August 24, 2009

Beasley Can't Cut the Drough

Mario Chalmers takes a deep inhale today, cause Michael Beasley is taking the heat from.... the Heat. According to reports, Beasley was forced into rehab this morning by Coach/GM/Owner/I don't fucking know, Pat Riley and the Miami top men. Now, as his name had been circling in trade rumors, Michael will get to enjoy a vacation away from his vice with a doctor that specializes in these cases. Of course, if weed were just legal.....

Really though, did anyone expect anything different. He was recruited to K-State by Bob Huggins.  He and Bill Walker were also teammates and no doubt hot boxed the locker room more than once. Then he took his addiction to the NBA where he spread it to wholesome individuals like Darrel Arthur and Mario Chalmers. Sadly though, I was one of the people against Chicago taking Rose first in '08, but it looks like I've been silenced in the most defeating way possible. At least I was right about Blake Griffin.

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