August 23, 2009

How Does he Reach the Gas Pedal in the First Place?

Adding to the latest trend of small people driving vehicles when they shouldn't, Nate Robinson was arrested for driving with a suspended license this past Tuesday. Maybe because the DMV laughed at him when he pleaded that he really is old enough to legally operate a vehicle in the state of New York.

Robinson was charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, which means that he somehow discovered a way to increase the severity of driving without a legit license. If an aggravated DUI is the result of blowing a a BAC above .15, does this mean his ID was laced with anthrax?

Upon pulling Robinson over, the officer allegedly exclaimed "Holy shit, Midget Mac! Where'd your dreads go? Oh, you're that Knicks player. License and registration, please."

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