August 23, 2009

Jesus Notre Dame Worshipping Christ.

Lou Holtz's comments need to be addressed. This "man" is no longer a credible ESPN source. If you read that previous sentence as a joke, then stop an return to your cold, hick South Bend home. This issue predates any wrinkled-balls prediction about the economy that occurred on or beyond august 23, 2008.

Lou Hotlz needs to be suspended by ESPN on the same grounds as Charles Barkley was to TNT.

This old ass fogey didn't even ask a random woman to blow him. Yet, under a (presumably) sober state of mind, he predicted that, last year, The Fighting Gayrish would win 11 games.

Lou's prediction returned a 7-6 record. Only four wins and one BCS game shy of his mark, the WWL-paid analyst says that Charlie "My ACL hurts" Weiss will boldly carry his team to a 2010 NCAA championship against (who else?) Jesus 2.0.

Pardon my Aramaic, but Fuck that shit.

For the love of NCAA football, fire this senile asshole. If ESPN wants a real college football analyst, bring in Jimmy Johson, Lou Saban or Bear Bryant Pete Carroll.

Regardless, this man has zero insight into the NCAA game. I'd rather take Hirby's predictions.

As a New England Professional Football fan, I respect Uncle Charlie. I want him to succeed. His protege, although douchebaggy, should progress into a pro-style QB. Somewhat.

But, regardless, what 7-6 team has responded with at national championship game? I'm too lazy/unsober to answer that question.

Unfortunately Lou Holtz's dementia accounts for that discrepancy. George Bodenheimer must be proud.

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