August 28, 2009

Perm-O-Meter August, 27th, VICK'S BACK

As I checked my phone this morning, I was pleased to find a drunk message from Bubb Rubb lingering in my voicemail. Hilarity ensued with the listening of said voicemail, and my great day began. Two classes later, I found that Vick had him self a solid first game, which apparently prompted a response from our main man Herman.

Sal starts it off with the obvious, "how did he play tonight?' question which follows with an immediate response with full on confidence. Confidence that lends itself to a pat on the back of Sal Paolantonio. If you watch closely, you can see this disturbs Sal's concentration as he leers at the camera seconds after Herm's contact. Then, as Herm is proclaiming Vick's inability to be elusive and why it's still acceptable, Sal busts down the door. This clearly perturbs Herm who takes a dishearteningly gaze towards the camera. Oh the fireworks of television journalism, and only in the first 33 seconds.

Herm fights on through Sal's arrogance to portray a well dictated conversation, almost Obama-esque. He tells America that the rhythm was a little stagnant when MV7 stepped on the field with McNabb. Then a comforting line (for eagles fans) that it's only been 3 weeks and the system just needs to be worked on. As Sal closes out the interview, Herm gazes into that camera, clearly disturbed with what went about, frowning, looking for a good time to land a solid right hook into that silver haired bastard.

Herm was outstanding, coherent, educating, and of course energetic, but Sal almost pushed him over the line last night. In the end Herm did what he could to salvage the situation, so he gets a 4 permformance. Sal on the other hand only gets the recognition of being labeled douchebag.

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