August 24, 2009

Taylor Mays + 3D = Mangasm

The underside of my laptop is now sopping wet. Best first day of classes ever? Undoubtedly.

The USC-Ohio State game will be broadcast in Three Dimensions at several nearby locations for those lucky people who reside in the southern part of the WBest Coast. Venues include the Galen Center, ESPN Zone and that jumbo-screen at LA Live. Get your blue and red Rick Moranis glasses ready.

Unfortunately, ESPN has relegated the B-grade commentary of Mark Jones and Bob Davie for the 3-D telecast, while the regular Saturday night crew will call the drab "that's SO 2007" 2-D version. Don't even get me started on the prospect of Erin Andrews jumping in last-minute as the 3-D sideline reporter. I'd have to wear Depends for the next three weeks in case I accidentally pictured EA in all her voluptuous, holographic glory.

The game is also airing in who the hell cares Columbus, Ohio and Hartford, Conn., the latter of which will be for all the hardworking Bristol, Conn. cronies. I'm assuming Stu Scott won't be attending, as it's impossible to enjoy anything in 3-D without two fully-functioning eyeballs.

Oh, and just as a reminder, Pete Carroll is still The Baddest Motherfucking Head Coach in all of NCAA sports. Unless Urban Meyer can juggle flaming hippopotami, he's not topping this:

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