August 27, 2009

UC Boulder Endorses the Reefer, Rejects School-Spirited Beer

You may be familiar with the University of Colorado's reputation as the marijuana capital of the collegiate world. Approximately 10,000 stoners congregated at CU's quad last April for the annual celebration of munchies, laziness and incessant giggling over absolutely nothing. In case you missed it, here's video evidence:

Weed, as most people know, is illegal in most locations and under most circumstances, regardless of age. Beer, however, is not. Naturally, CU expressed their disapproval of the more logical choice by condemning Budweiser's latest marketing campaign for early cirrhosis with the school-themed "fan can."

The cans feature custom colors that reflect those of the school's, but don't include any school logos, names, mascots and the like. Granted, sports and school spirit are to CU students as premarital sex, booze and swearing are to Mormons. But shit, this just might be the best way to make them care about anything besides their bongs and Bob Marley posters.

Somehow, according to the opposed universities, Budweiser's promo is infringing on school trademarks and endorsing - Jah forbid - underage drinking. So quit complaining and go blaze, you hooligans.

Typically, I'd side with Budweiser on this one and fight the power, man. However, California is excluded from the promotion, which prevents me from shotgunning out of a Cardinal and Gold can. So go fuck yourselves, you nazis. I'll take my Corona and lime.

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