August 14, 2009

The Wait is Over: Welcome to the Permcast

Oh, Jesus. Put your dicks away. I know you're not that excited.

For the amount of work that it took to just get this damn thing finished, maybe you should be. Berf and I are first-time podcasters, so it took a reasonable four tries, two computers and one Michael Vick signing to get this thing rolled out.

Our initial intention was to have this be a preview to the Patriots' and Chiefs' respective first games. Instead, it's one recap and one preview. But don't expect us to stay on one topic for more than a minute and a half. We're children of the overstimulated/ADD era. There are more digressions than an episode of Family Guy.

Future podcasts will hopefully include guests. We're working on an appearance from Rachel Nichols next week, but we'll settle for Rachel Dratch.

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