November 2, 2009

Tim Floyd: The Tom Cable Antithesis

While the economy may have improved since it fully tanked in March, times are still tough. Former USC basketball coach Tim Floyd has been unemployed since his resignation in early June. So, like any logical, financially adept individual, Floyd is trying to generate revenue at a casino. As an added bonus, he's also breaking up fights between fat hookers fighting over a Big Mac. All in a day's work. Ah, yes. You probably want the video evidence:

For someone who ran away from a recruitment scandal faster than Michael Richards at a Black Panther rally, the man literally throws himself into the fracas and holds his ground. HE DOESN'T EVEN FLINCH WHEN ONE OF THE HOOKERS TRIES TO BLINDSIDE HIM WITH A CHAIR. Coach Floyd, I could care less if your recruitment tactics were suspect. You will forever be a diplomat and a saint in my mind. And my heart.

Special thanks to Sean "Knees" Bell for the vid.


  1. I think that was Montel who stepped in and grabbed the chair. It's like a has-been celebrity league of superheroes.

  2. suh said..

    how about a shout out for recognizing him

  3. Nope....that's Henry Bibby. Kinda strange that they're hangin' out together....

  4. Why be so judgemental and assuming as to why he was there??? You ever been to a Casino and not gambled??

  5. Irregardless as to why he was there!!
    You see anyone else with a heart, or caring enough to stop the fight!!
    Show's MR. Floyds true character!!!
    Even enough to risk injury!!!