August 14, 2009

Broncos Training Camp Gets Exciting

If you were wondering what the worst trade of the decade has been, you don't have to look too far in the past. In fact, it was just decided tonight as Kyle Orton propelled himself to the top with worst first showing of the past decade.

In tonight's preseason game, I repeat PRESEASON game, he tossed up two less picks than that of Jake Delhomme in last years NFC championship. For all of you who don't remember, Delhomme threw five interceptions. Keep in mind he was playing for the NFC championship....oh yeah...and he played the entire goddamn game. Orton played two quarters, one of which was against reserves from the 49ers. the FORTY FUCKING NINERS.

Looks like Josh McDaniels has an open spot at the quarterback position. Do you think Steve McNair is feeling a come back?.....He's WHAT?! How 'bout Jeff George?

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