August 15, 2009

Perm-O-Meter: Herm Plays it Safe. What's New.

Herm Edwards continues to be the ESPN go-to-guy for Michael Vick analysis. Probably because of his reputation as an offensive guru as a coach. Definitely not because he's a minority or kind of looks like Vick's guardian angel, Tony Dungy.

Here's the video of his riveting discussion with Brian Kenny:

Okay, lets recap.

Brian Kenny: What should the Eagles do with Vick?
Herm: No one knows at this point. Andy Reid has to figure it out.

I love you Herm. I really do. And I'm pulling for you as an NFL analyst. But this isn't a press conference. Don't skirt around the answer like your job is on the line. It's not. You're Herm Fucking Edwards.

BK: Former Falcon teammate Brian Finneran says that Vick can throw 65 yards and wants to take the ball under center. Should he play quarterback?
He should play at the quarterback position. It's like when Muhammad Ali left boxing for three years and wasn't the same guy when he came back. We have to see where his skills are.

First of all, why the fuck is Brian Finneran the best person available to lend his opinion to this question? What about Alge Crumpler? Warrick Dunn? You're interviewing Herm Edwards, at least quote a damn Pro-Bowler.

Herm responds with a respectable answer, although the Ali comparison might raise a few eyebrows. Vick is still a quarterback, but his passing skills will determine whether he's used for an entire series, or just a few select plays in Wildcat-like formations.

BK: Let's say his skills are all there. He's the same 'ol Vick. The Eagles still have Donovan McNabb.
HE: With 65-70 plays in your offensive package, you can have about eight for Michael Vick.

Again, quality insight from a coach's perspective. But only eight of those for Vick? If the Eagles are paying $1.6 million for Vick to play in ten games (remember, he's suspended for the first six), I'd hope they draw up more than eight for him.

BK: On a sidenote, Cincinatti also made an offer in the Michael Vick auction.

What?? Noooooooo! How could HBO let this (not) happen!! Can you imagine the ratings for "Hard Knocks" if Mike Vick suddenly made a season-long guest appearance? I'm legitimately upset. 2.5 Perms for Mr. Edwards.

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