September 13, 2009

Modern Day Internet.....

Just a little fun for all you fans who were able to sit through the horrible display of "offense" I think they call it. I wouldn't know 'cuz I'm from Kansas City. That sounds distantly familiar, like back in 2003 or something. I think there was a Dick involved. Anyways, this is just a little cap for the night, our first night back to Sunday NFL football. We had ups and downs but in the end I'm winning fantasy football which means about as much as the VMA's. Kanye?! What are you doing in Law........I'm the best, and you know what, Fuck all you faggots who dont' vote for my main friend's wife. FUCK IT. Imma go listen to myself on auto-tune YE OUT. ....Ok. that was weird. Well with another day comes another two games and get ready from more of this "offense" tomorrow.

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