September 26, 2009


What? I...I...How am I supposed to live a conscienceless life if Jesus 2.0 is concussed. Speechless. All of us, as humans, can hope for is that He suffered brain damage to alleviate brain damage from the rest of humanity. That means you Terri Schiavo. He has sacrificed his brain cells for the helpless. Epic 2010 special olympics.

Look at the way Tebow's body spread, flailed to the ground
with his arms spread. Coincidence? I think not.

This is just a reminder to all that god will smite you, whether you are His favorite Son or His lesser, more hairy son. This is also a warning for all Kentucky students. You have opened a box of plague on your campus. Expect the downfall of your athletic program. You just tempted God and he will make you pay.

John Calipari is unquestionably destined to contract Accelerated Parkinsons.

Let's move on to the real games. KU won by a touchdown, thanks to Kerry Meier. He's like Julian Edelman. But not Jewish. Or proven in THE LEAGUE.


Here are some pictures from the various views of USC's ROMP (sorta) against WAZZUpuss:

Yeah, they're shitty. Just like Stanford's win against Washington. Kentucky's demolition of Tebow is the only thing keeping me hopeful for this college season. At least it's Sunday in 40 minutes! Go Thomas!

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