September 20, 2009

USC INSIDER: Chris Galippo Feature Tease

Sorry, but I refuse to sacrifice my insight into the Trojans' program, despite the disheartening loss suffered (technically) yesterday. The article, in full, will appear after its publication in the game program against Wazzu this upcoming weekend.

Hopefully it will be a win. Hopefully you will enjoy. As a preview, here is the picture of the person featured in the feature.
Redundant? Yeah.
Entertaining? I fucking hope so.

Just look at that tongue. Jordan-esque? Abso-fucking-lutely. If you don't know Galippo, you will. He will blow up faster than the Hindenburg and Hiroshima combined.

Corp can only set us back so far. Barkley will lead us to the promise land, in spite of the heretic's attempts to set us back. Tebow is but only a symbol that can and will be demolished by the rest of the collegiate field, freshman or otherwise.

In Barkley We Trust. And an equally emphatic: FUCK AARON CORP.

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