October 26, 2009

Antoine Walker is the Black Santa Claus

Although Antoine walker may be broke with regard to his financial situation, he is rich in kindness and generosity. Deadspin wrote earlier today about Walker's monetary woes, but with an unnecessarily negative tone to his circumstances. If you can circumvent the mocking nature of the post, you will find that Walker, unlike other athletes, went bankrupt on a spending spree of altruism:

"Teammates say he routinely picked up giant dinner tabs on the road or would hire limos to take everyone out on the town. According to his mother, at one point Walker was financially supporting seventy of his friends and relatives."

Can somebody please rescind Obama's Nobel Peace Prize and give it to this clearly more deserving individual?! This guy was a fucking saint. In addition to being Ghandi 2.0 with these people, Walker also established his own non-profit, "The 8 Foundation."

The purpose behind his charity?

Giving back to less-fortunate Chicago communities. Clearly, Walker's charity knew no bounds. If you approached him on the street, there's a 90 percent chance that he introduced himself by holding out his wallet and offering a cordial "Hi, I'm Antoine Walker, and you probably need this more than I do."

The same teammates, friends and family members who Walker selflessly supported/entertained need to channel their inner Bedford Falls to help 'Toine return to financial stability. And if you're simply an anonymous caring Antoine Walker fan, go call this number: (312) 291-4600. Of course it's toll-free, dipshit.

Dig deep, Perm followers. Let's bring back the shimmy.

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