October 26, 2009

John Calipari, How I so Despise You.

I've been meaning to address this issue for a while now, but completely forgot as it was a friday story and the alcohol was calling. Now that it's back to the school week, I'm ready to put my full effort into it. Today's rant of furiosity: John Calipari.

I've ranted about it before, and yet, he still feeds me new blog topics. For those of you who haven't heard, apparently Calipari's most recent recruit is in OJ Mayo-like waters. Supposedly the SEC is looking into potential eligibility issues with John Wall, who may have taken money from his AAU coach Brian Clifton, or more well known as Agent Brian Clifton.

Whatever happens to John Wall means absolutely nothing to me. He could get kicked off the team for all I care, but what does matter is Calipari. John seems to slide right under the radar every time he runs into these violations. If you remember correctly, when he was the coach at UMass, center Marcus Camby supposedly accepted around 28,000 dollars from agents, which resulted in the erasing of that final four team off the record books.

Similar proceedings happened two years ago with Derrick Rose (allegedly) where Calipari recruited Rose, and then after a NCAA investigation, it was determined that the player (Rose supposedly) was ineligible due to doctored test scores. Another final four forfeited with John Calipari at the helm. The best part about both of these instances, while under Calipari order, is the fact that after both, he vacated those teams.

Now, we look at Kentucky who, in Calipari's first year, is already getting what they deserve in hiring that dirty Enron executive type asshole. If you're shocked about the John Wall saga starting off this way, then you're either Dick Vitale or a complete dumbass (wait those are the same thing). Still, after three different schools, and two different violations, and potentially a third, how has there been no attack on Calipari?

Does he use Dexter like precision to cover up any tracks of donations to recruits? Does he pump anabolic steroids into the drinking water at the Kentucky facilities? I don't know, but anything is in the picture. This guy has done nothing make me thing otherwise. He's developed mid-major programs into power houses with ridiculous recruiting classes. How does this not show up on the radar? How many coaches go to a mid-major school, and bring in multiple top recruits in the nation? There's none. No one else has done it, and Calipari has done it at TWO mid-major schools. Is this not even a blip on the NCAA's radar? Hell, I would be surprised if he didn't pay his players. Especially when he's magnificently out recruiting schools like Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, and Syracuse. Schools with better tradition, better facilities and better fans.

And of course, this comes up as he gets to his first major program in Kentucky. John Wall, the top recruit according to Rivals last year, accepting a scholarship to Kentucky after allegedly receiving benefits. Pulled right out from under the nose of Duke, which was the school he was leaning on before Calipari's move. Does this not tip off anything? Maybe it wasn't so much that AAU/Agent as much as Calipari disguising his bribes under the AAU/Agent. If you look back at his past, you really couldn't put it out of the realm of possibility. Marcus Camby getting 28 thousand dollars and someone fixing Rose's scores.

Anyways, in Dexter, I've learned valuable information about serious criminals which should help me in my future profession of serial killing. The most important rule in Dexter's set of codes is Don't Get Caught. Keep in mind that Dexter kills almost every night. Sure it's a fiction show, but it leads me to my final point. Calipari is a practiced cheater. He, like Dexter, lives close to the line, cheating his way through recruiting, as his colleagues watch him be the best at what he does, and yet no one notices what he really is. Everyone finds him strange  with his sketchy actions. I'm just hoping someone can discover his criminal actions and bring him down. If he continues his cheating ways, I have to assume he will be caught, but unlike Dexter, he won't be the media's criminal killer hero, he'll just be another Kelvin Sampson.


  1. your about a worthless piece of shit why don't you try looking a little harder at the facts of this latest situation, and the camby situation for that matter and see who is at fault. the slime who leach on to these kids, most of whom have grown up without, and flash thousands of dollars in their face. and for the john wall situation it has nothing to do with clifton paying him, it was accepting benefits such as travel cost to universitys which are allowed if this guy isnt a registered agent and why no talk of the other kids on this team who surely got benefits from their coach.

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