October 28, 2009

Erin Calipari has a Superfan

As you may have read in a recent Wilt post, John Calipari isn't the most ethical recruiter. One of John's daughters, Erin, has been experiencing the wrath of an over-intrusive recruiter-of-sorts as well. Take a look at her Facebook status:

"whatever douche keeps trying to reset my gmail password (5 times so far) needs to stop it. What could you possibly want to see? Basically all that is in there are emails from every flight I have been on since college (there are many), and pictures of random things from my mom. There, now you know. and unless you are trying to make a timeline of my life, you can stop."

Erin, can't you appreciate the persistence of this anonymous investigator? Just like your dad, he will stop at nothing to invade your privacy and find out everything about you - all for the purpose of eventually becoming your closest acquaintance. You should be flattered by this, not offended.

And why so many flight trips, Erin? Are you the key to Mr. Calipari's successful recruiting? There's a violation in there somewhere, and yes, pun fucking intended.

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