October 27, 2009

Clippers Karma Finally Hits Blake Griffin

Danny Manning's Michael Olowakandi's Blake Griffin's knees were fucked ever since the Clippers won the NBA lottery last spring, and everyone knew it. It's like being born into the Kennedy family lineage - sooner or later a tragic career (or life)-ending incident is going to strike. Although it's basically an accepted truth, it still sucks fat donkey dick when the moment actually occurs.

There's a more-than-good chance that Griffin will recover fully and have a successful career, as long as he stays far away from Greg Oden's physical therapist. I think we all hoped Griffin would be the Teddy Kennedy of the Clippers' draft sequence. He wasn't necessarily the most promising of the three number-ones, but he'd have a solid, lengthy career, that would be briefly tarnished by him killing a woman in a car crash, followed by him redeeming himself in a championship run that falls just short of a ring.

This also means that all of the players featured in ESPN NBA commercials thus far have been bitten by the injury bug. Is this the new Madden curse? Probably not. But let's just say I'm not expecting a full season out of Jeff Van Gundy, and the Phoenix Suns incredibly confusing choice of a mascot should definitely revise his halftime routine.

I'll be in attendance at the Lakers game tomorrow, but now with significantly less interest. Make that little to no interest. I'll probably be napping.

Get well soon, Blake. Mike Dunleavy's job depends on it.

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  1. You are totally sick! I'm glad we are related. :)