November 9, 2009

DeAngelo Hall: The Tattle-Tail Thug

I didn't know if yall knew this, but DeAngelo Hall is a gangsta. And when you punk a gangsta when he is doin' the damn' thang, you best believe they gon' ryde.

OH SHIT SON. SHIT. BE. ON. You best be watchin' out the corna of yo eye, coach Smiff. Because there will be fines and reprimands up in dis jawnt. This some next level gangsta shit, D. Hall comin' fo yo integrity. You think you can get away with cussin' me out, pimpin? Pshh, FUCK NAW.

Everybody think that because D. Hall got snuck by the league leada in grit that D. Hall roll like some kinda bitch. D. HALL NOT NO BITCH.

You think I'm done after hittin' up the commissioner? Nah, son. I wasn't playin' when I said Coach Smiff knows where to find D. Hall. He gon' get his invite to my off-season dinner party like he always do. D. Hall got them good hospitality skills. BUT THEN I AINT GON TELL HIM THAT THE DINNER PARTY HAVE AN ALL-WHITE DRESS CODE. AINT NOTHIN LIKE PUNKIN A BITCH ON THAT FASHION TIP. BECAUSE WHEN IT COMES TO SWAG, D. HALL FRESHER THAN A MUH FUCKA.

Now if ya'll excuse me, I got to go pick me up some new lip balm. D. HALL DON'T RYDE WITH NO CHAPPED ASS BITCH LIPS.

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