November 14, 2009

SARS: Fuck My Life.

Excuse me. I'm drowning my life in a 6-3 record. Taylor  Mays man-crush? A joke.

If I had a basketball team with Zav-YAY Henry, I'd be okay. Not all fans can enjoy this shit. Two All-Americans and a freshman phenom? Slam me over the head with a shovel. Here you go anyway.

Yes, USC lost to TOBY GERHART. They also lost to Stanford. My donations to the school just went down faster than Pete Carroll's career. 55-21? If you expect a media raping of this bullshit, GO FUCK YOURSELF. Let me reiterate. GO FUCK YOURSELF. I went to a basketball school for a year (Melo's Alma Mater), so I expect success. Tim Floyd has a job because of this blog.

We move on, I guess? I'm out here (SoCal) for the Rose Bowl and the Natty Champ. I've wasted my time in much more efficient venues. Anyway, the first Tebowfaggot to offer me $1500 for a ticket gets two. Guaranteed. You also have to comment on AT LEAST  three posts.


Here's the quick wrap-up of Wilt's BUSHIDO (bullshit, in asian)


I would care about this outcome... But Taylor Mays gets thousands of dollars for every word I write. His dad was born in LAWRENCE (White Owl?) and his Mom is a Nordstrom executive.

Back to the business...


Iowa over Ohio State - NO
When you learn to stop doubting Terelle Pryor, you will learn the ways of not-Lee-Corso. Here's a hat for your consolation prize. TP doesn't lose to teams that deserve USC in a non-BCS-bowl. Yeah, I shat on my own team. Soph QB is rollin' downhill like an abandoned skateboard.

Texas Tech over Nebraska - TBD

Notre Dame over Pitt -  TBD

DAMMIT, ASSHOLES. Every single game here is late. Is the goal to broadcast during nighttime?

I'll recap shit after shit actually happens. I honestly don't care about the result. I have nothing left to cheer for. If someone really thinks that Toby Gerhart can accomplish anything outside of his collegiate football career, send us a message.

[Edit] - Still don't give a fuck. This post was created during extreme inebriation. Wilt was wrong on the last two. You're welcome. We take our slogan seriously at Herm's Perm.

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