November 30, 2009

You go, CBS wire services!

After Drew Brees made the Patriots' secondary look more helpless than the Japanese on August 6, 1945, I've had to settle for the little victories. Victories like watching the game on mute and evading the mind-numbing drivel that (I assume) spilled out of Jaws' and Gruden's lips like saliva on a stroke victim. I also enjoyed the company of my father and downed a few exotic beers at the Yardhouse.

After returning home and perusing the stat sheet, which only led to further depression, I came across a great line in CBS Sportsline's game recap. In comparing the Patriots' defeats to the remaining unbeaten NFL teams, the article read:

Unlike in Indianapolis, there was no drama at the end, only thunderous chants of, "What dat say they gonna beat them Saints?" 

(Click to enlarge)

I couldn't believe it. This game meant so much to New Orleans that they celebrated with the special variant of the "WHO dat?" chant.

To the best of my knowledge, there hasn't been a group of New Orleansians chanting "What dat?" in unison since giant tidal waves of levee water poured toward them in late August of 2005. 

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