December 3, 2009

KU's campus weight drops by 2 tons

IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED. It's like an early Christmans. Yes. Mark Mangino, gone the way of Charlie Weis and Dick Jauron. The resignation means the end of a great turnaround, and then a fall only comparable to a slip from the summit of Mt. Everest. I have had my yellings at the fat fella, but he will always have a friendly thought of the Orange Bowl in my mind. He turned a shitstain of a team into crimson and blue gem, and then into a shitstain covered gem. So, fuck him, kind of. Bring on the coaching carousel.

I've heard some things, like potentially John Harbaugh and Patterson, before his new contract. So far the list seems legit enough for my liking. Lew Perkins is my boy. He will find a Bill Self for our football team, and we will love him like we love Herman Edwards and his perms.

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