August 30, 2009

Michigan Cheats-Still Suck

According to multiple sources from Michigan's football team in '08 and '09, the team has been flirting with NCAA violations right after the Lloyd (why the fuck does Lloyd need to L's?) Carr days. Now it's hit them with full force. The Michigan coaches were apparently practicing the team more than double what is allowed by the NCAA, and then listing those extra practice hours as 'injury prevention.' And you thought the state of Michigan couldn't look any worse. Probably the most disturbing part of this story though, is the fact that these practices actually made the team worse.

These accounts come from '08 and '09 which are the two major down seasons for the Wolverines. Sadly, the extra workout training proved useless when pined up against the likes of Appalachian State and Toledo. This makes for the worst kind of cheating, the kind that makes you degrade as a team. Now, Rich Rodriguez is going to have to explain himself. I mean, he broke the one rule you shouldn't break. It's the easiest one to get caught doing. That rule is probably the only rule in the book that is easy to understand, so there's no "I didn't know" excuse.

Really though, it's the Michigan fans that need an explanation. How can you work your team out more than double every other team, and then still lose nine games. There will be an investigation soon, most likely, and Ann Arbor is going to be swarmed with Rachael Nicholses. For all you students who choose Michigan for their sports prestige, maybe you should reconsider Michigan State. At least they have a basketball team.

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