September 5, 2009

College-Foot-A-Palooza: USC Game Devoid of Surprises

56-3 sufficiently articulates the beatdown that occurred at the L.A. Coliseum today. The Trojans spent a few possessions acclimating to the intense heat, but the All-American backfield eventually realized its potential and ran over the SJSU Spartans like they were cheerleaders. Oh, and that freshman quarterback racked up 233 yards on 19 pass attempts. In Pete We Trust.

Here are several gameday photos, which chronicle the start of my tailgating escapades through the demolishing of the (evidently) lesser Spartans. Many of these photos reflect the level of inebriation at which they were captured. Just fucking enjoy.

Harly reflective of the massive tailgate that occurs on Trousdale. Baller, regardless.

San Jose State by crying and assuming the fetal position, which USC later inflicted upon them by force.

The three S's: Saturday, Sun and SCfootball

Vs. Ohio State 2008 score. Now add 21 points. Now look at OSU's game vs. Navy. Buckeyes = Soft.

90,000 fans fighting on. In one word: Heaven.

Columbus, here we come. If the Buckeyes came within a 2-point conversion of overtime with a bunch of unranked sea-faring men, just wait til Taylor Mays sets sail on Terelle Pryor. I hope he has life insurance.

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