August 30, 2009

Herman Edwards' Perm is Giving Away Tickets to the 3-D USC-Ohio State Game at the Galen Center

I'm going to pretend like this is your first time on the site, which I obviously know it isn't. We're way too popular. Anyway, we reported last week that USC and Taylor Mays will appear in 3-D at the Galen Center when they battle Ohio State on Sept. 12. Since you were all too lazy to get off your keisters and pick up tickets for the event, the Perm has decided to bail you out. Here are the deets:

The best two comments on Herm's Perm posts, both past and present, will be rewarded with free tickets. If you post anonymously, sign your name or moniker at the bottom with an email address. Feel free to comment via text, video, photoshopped picture of Terrell Pryor being mutilated by Traveler - whatever you think will set yourself apart.

We will announce the winners on September 8, at which point we will ask them to email me (Bubb Rubb) to coordinate the ticket exchange.

Ground Rules:
1. The same person can win all of the tickets. This means if you have enough wit, sarcasm and creativity to impress Herm Edwards TWICE, then more power to you, ya cocky fuck.

2. Sullying the name of Herm Edwards is grounds for disqualification. Everything else is fair game.

That's it. Vaya con dios.

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