September 5, 2009

College Foot-A-Palooza: Yeah for the Start of the Season.

In all honesty, since I would never lie to you guys, this is just a post just so bubb's last one doesn't get the top of the list. Really though, I had been meaning to make this post for a while. If you have been to Dick's lately, not man meat, you will notice a beautiful menage of a former USC running back. Yes, and he is not moving, as usual.

if you couldn't recognize it is
the famous Reggie Bush
and look who's knee is is just fine.
that's a first.
This is a nightcap for all of you NCAA fans who enjoyed the injuries in the new Dallas Stadium, the over-aggressive ranking of Georgia, and the few who were expecting easy Big 10 wins. We are on are way to another year of anger towards the BCS and it's been a good start to that goal.
Go........Les Miles.

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