September 2, 2009


Yes, yes. All of you need to simmer the fuck down. It's still one more day til the big day. Thursday the third of September doesn't just represent the day my rent is due. It does represent something that's been due for the past eight and a half months. Yes, it's Boise State football, er, college football in general. Schools in the top twenty five have their heads in the BCS cloud and will most likely be rained on thanks to the storm that is the BCS system. Since it's never too early to begin complaining about the BCS, that even the President loathes, I figure it's a solid time to start.

But first, some Jay-Z.

listen while watching lou holtz below

Yes, we are stuck in an "Empire State of mind" when it comes to the BCS. We have to deal with the empire that governs our beloved college football, and without even an Alicia Keys hook. Either way the problem should have been solved years ago, and even with lawsuits abound, it still lives on like a reoccurring nightmare (aka Brett fucking Farve). We need change. We have a cappuccino black president, and Weeds is the best show on TV. The world wants revolution, and I'm going to bring it to them, in the form of a blog with low readership.
make that improved readership

Wouldn't college football be better off drawing out of a hat? At least it would make for an interesting selection night. Because, we have the media voting on the BCS, we already know what is going to happen. This is where things need to be changed. There should be no locks in the bowl games. The top teams should make the BCS, and not Cincinnati. Of course, a tournament solves the problem for the championship, but we still need to fix the entry form. This is an easy fix if you consider just pushing the burden off on to an NCAA tournament selection committee. Seems like I've heard that before, somewhere.

Then obviously the tournament format would have to be decided on. There are about four to five weeks during the conference championships and national championship right now. That basically eliminates a tourney system of greater than 16. 16, though, is too many games, and doesn't reward the teams that have dominated all season. 12 seems solid, except it still leaves two many teams in, taking away TV money, and media attention away from the schools. 11 and 12 can enjoy a splendid cotton bowl game.

Then we come to 10 teams. I actually came up with this last year. This system would have two play in games between the 10-7 teams and then rewarding the top six with a bye. There would be no conference automatic bids 'cuz if you can beat your conference, you should make the tourney. If not, then clearly your team didn't do enough. If you have an undefeated season you will make the tourney no doubt.  Then the teams go at it for 4 weeks and the best team wins. Problem fucking solved. The money would still be there and it would be fair and even, yes even for you Utes.

There will be a sex boat load more of posts from here, and on through the weekend about the awesome games, the drankin, and the outcomes of said games and drankin.  Enjoy it, 'cuz just like sex with Megan Fox, it only comes once.

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