September 5, 2009

College Foot-A-Palooza: GameDay

It's finally here. The day were schools begin their football season. For most, it will be enjoyable drunk day, where non-conference foes step into your stadium to get ravaged by the home school. For the few others, it will be a day of nervousness while they await their fate.

Those teams that are dumb enough to schedule an out of conference game against a highly ranked foe are playing with fire. We see it every year. Clemson last year, Michigan a few years ago. Your stepping into a potential season defining game with no in game practice. Yes this is you Virginia Tech and Alabama. It's also you guys Gerogia and Oklahoma State. The winners of these games will enhance their resume, and more importantly, their moral.

The losers will wallow in defeat as they begin their season on a horrible note. Few teams walk out of a first game loss, and can recover their season. It's like getting your shot at sex with Hayden Panettiere and then having erectile dysfunction problems. Your not gonna come out too strong next time around. So everyone, get your shotgun faces on and your beer pong form tweaked, 'cuz it's time to enjoy this day of 'responsible' college behavior. And do so while being entertained by the deceivingly high offensive stats, and NFL Blitz type box scores.
 ....unless your a buckeyes fan

Anyways, Northern Colorado, get ready to get your rock chalked.

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