August 31, 2009

That's a Way to Get Off on the Right Foot

Or should I say knee. Welcome all fans of Kansas City who still have a soul left from the past decade of horrid sports teams. Of course, if your like me, your soul was ripped out a long time ago. It's about time to add more suffering and this years Chiefs to that list. Awesome news today stating that Matt Cassel, or should I say 60 million dollars, will not be starting the season, thanks to an MCL sprain in his left knee. Almost as if God was taunting us for the severing of Brady's CL's last year.  Damn you Pollard. (winks and air high fives)

Now it's going to be an exciting race to see which backup can get the starting job. Thigpen with the astounding QB rating of 74.7 or the talentless long haired douchebag Croyle with an even shittier 67.5 QB rating. Just a heads up for week one in your fantasy league. Pick the Ravens. You will win your match.

Now they cut Chan Gailey. Honestly, what the fuck. Unless Pete Carrol has been assigned to the offensive coordinator position....what the fuck. How random is this. The only thing I can imagine is that Haley was getting frustrated with the O-line schemes, and just blew up. That offensive line sucks. Bad. I mean really bad. I mean Michael Jackson "bad".

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