September 1, 2009

Hold Your Ropes There Thigpen.

So yeah, Tyler is clearly gloating his new found starter position just a bit much. Almost as if he knew it would happen. And I don't mean in that, "this was my destiny" type of knowing. I'm talking about the "there's five bucks in it if you don't block for Cassel" premeditated knowledge. Clearly being the number two guy wasn't enough for 'ol Thigpen. Sadly, he may not even earn that starting position he prays preys for. Apparently Croyle has been hotter in training camp than Emma Watson rolling around in jello pudding, while Bill Cosby announces. (hides boner in library)

Still, Thigpen is the one that has proven it in games, and with a line about as permeable as an amoeba, a running QB will be desired. Of course anything could happen now with the Chiefs. They fired their O coordinator. They traded their only franchise player to the Falcons. Unless God is watching over, Kansas City is doomed for another 3rd pick in the draft next year. I guess the saying goes "To the loser goes the spoils."

Wait, What?

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